Sharon Rye School of Dance & Performing Arts

By Sharon Rye

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Our School offer an all round experience in the Performing Arts as we know it today. We offer dance in many genres, Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, Modern, Musical Theatre, Drama, Ballroom and Latin, Cheerleading and Irish. And our examinations are through Accredited ABD(Associated Board of Dance) whom are GQUAL, CDET, GQUAL and whom give UCAS points for exams. We perform shows on a regular basis and encourange all you attend to show off their talents. Our classes are a "one stop shop" for students (and parents) looking for classes that encompass all disciplines of the performing arts (music, drama and dance) and develop confidence to perform on stage! In the musical theatre world, you are a “triple threat” if you can sing, act and dance.

There is a lot of research to support that music, drama and dance help develop children’s brains and academic performance. Engagement in these performing arts areas can help reduce stress and has many cognitive, social, psychological, physical, health and spatial benefits for the growing child.